Exclusive RSA Bistro Menu

For RSA Members & Affiliate Members

French Fries (Small)….$5.50

French Fries (Large)….$8.00

Potato Wedges (S)….$9.00
With Sour Cream

Potato Wedges (L)….$14.50
With bacon and cheese on top



Pumpkin Soup….$12.50

Seafood Chowder….$14.50

Small Dishes

Fish Nuggets (6) and Chips...$12.50

BBQ Drumstick (2) and sausage (3) with Chips...$13.50

Salt and Pepper Squid (6) and Chips...$14.50
(served with wedge lemon and tartare sauce)

Tempura Prawn (5) and Chips...$15.50
(served with wedge lemon and tartare sauce)

Seafood Basket...$19.50
(2 fish bites, 2 squid, 2 crumbed scallops, 2 tempura prawn and chips)

Shrimp Cocktail….$14.50



Battered Hoki (2) w/Fries and Salad...$16.50

Crispy Chicken w/Fries and Salad...$18.50

Fish Burger w/Cheese and Fries...$16.50

Chicken Burger, Cheese w/Fries...$17.50

Beef Burger, Bacon & Egg w/Fries...$18.50
(all burgers come w/lettuce, tomato, onions and beetroot)

Half Shell Mussels in Green Curry Sauce...$25.50
(served with Garlic Bread)

Fresh Oyster (12) (in season)...$36.00
(served with wedge lemon and tomato sauce)

Chicken Risotto...$20.50

Penne Pasta with Combination Seafoods...$22.50

Roasted Lamb Shanks (1)...$25.50
(Served w/mashed potato, peas nd rich gravy)

Sirloin Steak w/Egg, Salad and Fries ….$27.50
(Served w/mushroom sauce OR garlic butter sauce)

Kid’s Meal Combo

Kid’s Meal and Ice Cream ($11.50)

Sausage(2) with Chips

Chicken Nuggets(5) or Fish Bites(5) with Chips


Platter #1....$27.50

Sausages & Fries
Chicken Nuggets, Fish Nuggets & Fries

(Equivalent of 7 Sausages (Cut up), 2 large bowls of Fries)
(Equivalent of 8 Chicken Nuggets, 8 Fish Nuggets, 2 large bowls of Fries)


Platters #2....$48.50

Seafood Platter
(Equivalent of 10 Fish Bites, 4 Tempura Prawn, 10 Squid, 2 Large Bowls of Fries,
served with Tomato Sauce & Tartare Sauce)

Desserts/Ice Cream

Apple Crumble….$12.50
(Served with Ice Cream)

Chocolate Pudding….$12.50
(Served with Ice Cream)

Cream Brulee ….$12.50
(Served with Ice Cream)


Brandy Snap....$12.50


Tauranga RSA
1237 Cameron Road


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