Exclusive RSA Bistro Menu

For RSA Members & Affiliate Members

Small Dishes

Satay Chicken Stick (2)….$11.90

Deep Fried Pork Spring Rolls (2)….$9.00
Served with Green Salad

Assorted Wraps (2)….$9.00
Made with Prawn, Chicken, Beef or vegetarian, with peanut, red chili, cumin. (Any favorite can be made on request)

Steamed Prawn Dumplings (5)….$10.90
With dark soy, ginger, coriander

Steamed  Shrimp  ShaoMai (5)….$10.90
With peanut, red chilli sauce

Deep Fried Squid & Green Salad….$12.90

Fish Bites & Chips &  Green Salad….$12.90

Prawn Twisters & Chips….$12.90
Served with Dipping Sauce

Mini Burgers & Chips….$12.90
(Beef or Chicken Burger option)

Sausage, Egg and Chips….$12.90

Assorted Toasted Sandwiches….$7.00
(Choose 2 Fillings of Ham, Cheese, Onion, Tomato)

Potato Wedges….$8.50

French Fries.…$6.50


Pumpkin Soup….$9.90

Seafood Chowder….$9.90

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup….$9.90

Wonton Noodle Soup….$12.90

Braised Beef Noodle Soup….$12.90


Nasi Groung ….$18.50
(Indonesia Style- Spicy Fried Rice with Combination of Meats)

Chicken/Beef Ho Fan….$18.50
(Hong Kong Style- Pan Fried Rice Noodle with  Chicken or Beef)

Singapore Fried Noodle….$18.50
(Singapore Style Spicy Pan-Fried Rice Noodle with BBQ Pork & Shrimp)

Combinations Fried Noodle….$18.50
(Hong Kong Style Pan-Fried Noodle with Combination of Meats)

Seafood /Chicken Fried Udon….$18.50
(Japan Style-Pan-Fried Udon Noodle with Seafood or Chicken)

Roasted Lamb Shanks….$19.50
(Served with Roasted Pumpkin, Salad and Rich Gravy)

Roasted Ham Steak….$19.50
(Served with Herb Potato and Salad)


Platter #1 Sausages & Chips….$25.00
(Equivalent of 8 Sausages (Cut up), 2 large bowls of chips, served with Tomato sauce)

Platters #2 Seafood Platter….$45. 00
(Equivalent of 2 Large Bowls of Chips, 10 Fish Bites, 8 Prawn Twisters, 16 Squids, served with Tomato Sauce & Tartare Sauce)

Desserts/Ice Cream

Ice Cream Sundae….$9.90

Chocolate Mud Cake….$9.90
(Served with Ice Cream)



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