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Dear Members,

The Tauranga RSA Executive Committee and Board of Directors have recognised that with the change within society there are indications that the traditional RSA (Chartered Club) are becoming less and less relevant and that there are major head winds on the horizon.

There are many reasons for this assumption, the aging membership, the increase in choices to spend the discretionary dollar, the lack of support and attendance of the members to the RSA, what is happening in other RSA’s and Clubs throughout the country etc.

With this in mind your Executive Committee is taking the initiative to be proactive in their response to the changing environment. They have established a working group to look into the future of the Tauranga RSA, and this group have been tasked to assess the risks and present to the Executive Committee possible solutions or answers to ensure the longevity of the Tauranga RSA.

To assist this working group look into the future we need the assistance of the stakeholders of the Tauranga RSA (Members) to assess what they see as the future of the RSA. Your participation in this questionnaire gives you the opportunity to have a say and offer your opinion on how the Tauranga RSA will look in the future

Heather Waldron - President

RSA QUESTIONNAIRE - Note Survey closes 14th Dec

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